A very narrow foot

Long and thin,

Soft through lack of walking

A pinkie foot with dainty toes


I can feel it still

Weight in my hand

The stubborn little heel

Soft under my kiss

Tickly till the kick

Kick and laugh

Hold on tight

Laugh and kick


Out of your shoe

Long and thin

We placed your foot onto the sand

A foot print on the beach


The sand between your toes

You didn’t like

It made you squirm

We waited for the water

Kick and laugh

We watched the tide come in


Deleted your sand

Your barefoot footprint

Long and thin

Washed it away

Washed to the sea


Barefoot boy

I loved your foot

Your imprint

Is still here

It cannot be washed away







8 thoughts on “Footprint

  1. My heart breaks for your Nico and with worry for the future of my own severely autistic son and all the other young dudes.

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    • Rosie – I really want to say something that will make you feel better. All I can say is this, tell everyone you love that you love them everyday and everything that makes them happy – do it as often as you can. Store up a bank of fabulous memories and know that every day, you make them happy and that’ll make you happy too. Live a life of love with your son and don’t worry about what you can’t change. Deal with problems as and when they arrive, don’t loose sleep on problems that haven’t happened yet. Don’t trust his care to people who don’t love him and remember, chocolate has essential minerals and vitamins in and must be eaten daily.

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