Dear Southern Health


Imagine my surprise when I received this letter from you yesterday morning. A letter from your head office, from a staff member I’ve never heard of before.

I’m happy that you recognise that it’s been a difficult time for us but I’m surprised that you don’t realise that in addition to the agony of losing our beloved son, so much of the difficult time we’ve been through has been caused by Southern Health!

You’re sorry you didn’t do more “to engage us in the investigation process”. Is that your way of saying you’re sorry you refused to reveal to us the circumstances under which our son had died when we asked you again and again? Are you sorry we had to wait 10 months to find out what had happened to Nico and then only because we were able to see a copy of your “Root Cause Analysis” in the legal papers sent to our solicitors by your legal team?

And now you want us to meet with you and we’re not sure why as you haven’t said.

The thing is, we’re a bit pressed for time at the moment with all the work we’re doing on our application for a Serious Case Review by NHS England into the circumstances surrounding Nico’s death. Then there’s the business of what we should do now that the coroner has declared our case to be an Article 2 (“The death occurred in circumstances the continuance or possible recurrence of which is prejudicial to the health or safety of the public or any section of the public.”) so fitting in a meeting with you might be tricky just now.

I’m finding this all rather hard to get my head around. Aren’t you the same Southern Health who just spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of man-hours in order to make sure that you obliterated us at Nico’s inquest last month? Aren’t you the same Southern Health who last wrote to us in March 2013 (almost 2 years ago) to tell us that you considered this matter closed?

Thanks for the letter Ms Stevens and I’ll put it in our Southern Health file. You will be hearing from us again and it won’t be long now, I promise.



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