Another Meeting

Earlier this week I posted the revised version of the poem I wrote about the interminable “meetings about meetings” –  meetings with the local authority which are sadly a very normal part of life as a parent with a disabled child.

This second poem I always intended as a companion piece, a type of “Meetings part 2”.  The first poem is about life with your disabled child, this second poem is very much about life after the loss of your child.

There have been so many meetings like this, much more than I can count, as we ride this long and weary train to justice.  This poem isn’t about a particular meeting, a particular person or place – it’s really more a summing up of my feelings about those meetings and in particular those meetings when we had to travel far to speak to awfully clever strangers who might, if we were lucky, help us in our fight for justice.

Another Meeting

Professional and courteous, you listen open minded

And you carefully take notes as our sad sorry tale is told

Anticipating tears

Are the tissues on the table

Which you gently push towards me

At a catch inside my throat

You thoughtfully remind me that its facts and not opinions

That I need to help you out with when you’re making all the notes

And I struggle on to speak

Through rage and pain and sorrow

To keep our story to the point

Remembering my son

We’ve had a long cold journey with another waiting for us

So please forget the funding (lack of), please forget the time

Forget the expectations

“Help to manage expectations”

And give us hope that you can make

A difference for the better

Your voice is clever, crisp and clear and helps us to remember

That without you we are nothing and our voice will not be heard

We understand the rules

And the game of justice varies

But we have to get you on our side

Or we won’t have a hope

The truth is that I want to run out screaming in the street

Accosting chilly strangers passing, begging at their feet

I want the world to stop from turning

All smiles turned to sad

And a national day of mourning

For the loss of my bright lad


4 thoughts on “Another Meeting

  1. This poem must speak for so many people. Simple, clear and written from the heart. You have a great gift for saying difficult things and expressing feelings hard to bear.

  2. Thank you wisest of all the grannies, but a bit frustrating because good old wordpress absolutely refuses to break the poem up into the verses in which is was written, no matter how I set it out or try to re-edit it! Had problems like this before, it’s not the way I want it to look and read! Oh well, should just be glad people are reading it at all……..

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