A week of Blogs – “Cunning” (a poem)

Grief is cunning

It slides in slyly

Leaving you longing for the mundane

Small trousers blowing on the line

The telephone call at inconvenient time

Leaking bottles of Osmolite

Getting up endlessly in the night

Pretending to love robots too

Not having time to go to the loo

The songs you loved

We had to play

Over and over

Day after day

Driving fast

And so many laughs……..

You loved to laugh

And I laughed too

But that was then

When I had you

In the simple time

Before I knew



4 thoughts on “A week of Blogs – “Cunning” (a poem)

  1. beautiful poem, pretending to love resonates, not robots for me but come dine with me. Used to drive me insane ( I thought ) if I see Angelique and her snow machine once more arrhh, forever to regret thinking Christ not again. Angelique was a beautiful woman living a beautiful life what’s not to love. Wishing you strength.

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