A week of blogs – Introduction

On 22 August is will be the anniversary of Nico’s death. Another anniversary.

Another year come and gone and we are still riding on the justice train, a train which has stalled, broken down completely and on some occasions, reversed.  It has needed a huge amount of urging, feeding and maintenance just to get this far.

I am finding this week ever so hard. I feel as if I can’t breathe properly and find myself wandering around the house as if searching for some task so meaningful that it will at least temporarily take my mind off this week.

So I have decided to do “A week of Blogs”.

A week in which I will blog at least twice a day or even more, every single day about what this week, this countdown to 22 August means to me. I will fill this week up with my Nico blogs in the hope is that it will get me through.

Please join me in my week of blogs – by reading them and by commenting too so that your words also become part of Nico’s “A week of blogs”.

I need something extra to get me through the week and it’s not going to get any easier. This year I swore that I would start making Nico’s birthday the day that we remember him, not this other horrible date, but still the pain is here again.

I miss you Nico.

Nico's Photos_0035


18 thoughts on “A week of blogs – Introduction

  1. Absolute sadness. I feel for you. We mums, dad’s and families need understanding and support not ignorance and avoidance tactics.
    May God give you comfort and strength to persevere to achieve your mission.

    • Thank you so much. In the last couple of years I have discovered that there’s a yawning chasm between what should be and what is. I began as a mission to have justice for my son and now it’s become so much more than that. Please keep reading. Rosi Reed

  2. Rosi you already know that having `been by your side `up until now – i will continue to support you without question through this difficult time and beyond. Sending hugs and look forward to reading your blogs. xx

  3. Thanks Deb! I’m already starting to feel that I’ve set myself something of a mountain to climb but in order to get through this week I need a project to put my time and energies into and this seemed like a good way to go. Let’s see how many I can write in a week…….

    • Thank you so much Yvonne. I was really struggling in the last couple of weeks and then I realised that what I needed was a big trumpet blast – all about Nico and everything that has happened to us and who better to sound that blast than me. So over each day leading up to the anniversary of his death I will be writing and posting, hoping to both raise our profile and to keep his memory alive.

      • The way you write, Rosi, you absolutely bring him alive – I never met Nico, yet I feel I know him and it’s a privilege to know about him. Whenever I see Toby in his new home, I think of Nico and I see his face smiling out from all the photos you have so generously shared. Nico died, but it could so easily have been Toby or any one of our precious, vulnerable young people instead, or as well. In Nico’s memory, I will always hold Toby just that little bit tighter, in the same way I hold you and your family in my thoughts xxx

  4. Every life is special and unique. Every life should be celebrated. Even more so for our special beautiful children, for they teach us what life is all about. They are great teachers and messengers and often the shorter the visit the louder their message is. Thank you for sharing your story and your feelings with us. Although it is very painful to do, know that there is a whole community who supports you. I will read your blogs this week. Love and best wishes. X

    • Thank you so much Linda for your lovely comment. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and what you say. It isn’t always easy writing this blog, but apart from our journey on “the justice train” I also feel a great need to share our story with as many people as possible and also do what I can to make Nico real to people. It’s much easier to care about someone who seems real.

  5. Such a terrible loss to suffer. Although we have not lost we are coming to terms with our children’s needs and await full diagnosis. Be kind to yourself xxxx

    • Thank you so very much for taking the time and care to comment, it’s much appreciated. The stories on my blog are most definitely not just written for other parents like me who have lost their children, but also very much for parents like yourself so that you’ll be aware in advance of possible problems and pitfalls and will be all the better prepared for them. Please keep reading and enjoying the blog.

    • Nico’s cousin sent me the lovely new Tiger with sunflower motif on Monday which I’m now using on this page. It’s just SO Nico. Send me your sunflowers when you see them and I’ll keep writing and you read them when you can. X

  6. Keep writing Rosi. It does not have to make sense as what has happened is nonsensical. What you write touches so many of us, whether we have had a child that has died, or nearly died, or for those of us that have children who are healthy for now. At the back of my own mind is that many of us have children with lives that are so fragile. That each moment is to be embraced, each smile is to be cherished, each accomplishment celebrated, and each day a bonus. My heart is heavy thinking of your pain over the weekend. Nadia and I will be thinking of you and Nico.

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