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It’s early days for the campaign, and I’m still thinking about how people can involve themselves. If you feel you’d like to be involved in some way, please subscribe to the blog using the ‘follow’ button on the right and I will update further when we start finding our feet.


5 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. Hi, I am Jan. I have followed Sara’s blog and now I will follow yours. I am horrified at the care-lessness of the NHS. I would like to help. I write well. I know the NHS. And I do research. Let me know if I can be of use to you.

    • Thank you so much Jan. Our story is very different to Sara’s, but equally compelling. For now the biggest help for us would be for you to keep on reading the blog, encourage other people you know to do the same and talk about our story on Twitter (if you do Twitter). What we most need right now is for the most number of people possible to be taking an interest in what is going on in our fight. The inquest result you’ll know from the blog and we are currently waiting to hear back from NHS England, to tell us if they are going to carry out a Serious Case Review. Fingers crossed that they will.

  2. Hello, been reading yours and mydaftlife blog , found it from a link by green light care and when I was doing research for instructing at my work. I work in the industry (private charity) and I’m so sorry both your sons were let down. When I read about your husband confronting the prime minister I was touched. If there is anything I can do to help, I hope I can

    • Right now I feel that I love you just a little bit! Hope that’s OK. I never tire of people saying they’d like to help because it doesn’t happen very much! Right now the best thing you can do for us is to tweet about us, tell people about the blog and encourage them to read it – and keep reading it yourself. Thank you.

      • not on twitter , but will post on my Facebook and tell my colleagues all about Nico and Connor get them to read and share. I hope in some small way that helps

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