I walk in a labyrinth

I walk in a labyrinth. From the centre of the labyrinth I hear the ceaseless howling of a great beast.

I call that beast “injustice”. I fear the beast.

In my hand I hold a candle to light my way. I call my candle hope.

The light from my candle flickers and gutters but does not go out.

The fire for my candle I call trust.

Others help to keep my candle alight, but cannot walk with me. The light it casts is small but I hold it high.

I walk without knowing my way and the path in front of me is twisted and unsound, but I stay my foot to that path.

I do not know where the twisting path will take me, but I know that in time it will lead me to the beast.

I fear the beast but know that I must face him. Perhaps that day will come soon. Perhaps that day is still far off.

From deep inside me I draw resolve. I call it strength.

I know the trust which gives me strength to walk upon this path. I know it will light my way to the beast.

And I will know him and he will fear me.

Me and my candle, hope.






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